Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Searching for that code that formats a number in all my code files

If you write any type of code you must have come across this scenario:

I've written code before that formats a number nicely in Powershell, but which text file or script or function did I have that code in?

Well today I got a handy piece of Powershell code that did a whole lot of things but one thing in particular was format a number. Now I'd looked for examples on this before and didn't quite find what I was looking for. And this piece of code did exactly what I wanted. But nowhere in the Powershell code did it say "format number". I could add a comment and thats probably not a bad idea, but normally code comments are to increase readability of the code and logic and not as tags for future searches.

Well there is a very simple way to get around this problem. For the .txt or .ps1 or even .sql or .dtsx file right click and go to the properties of the file. Then click on the Summary tab. There is a Keywords text box. In here you can type keywords or tags that will help you find the code snippet or example that you think you'll need in future. In my case I typed in format number. I then searched (F3) the parent folder for all files using the second option in search, which is A word or phrase in the file. A searched for format number and bingo, 1 result from 747 files! And it was the correct file. :-) To add multiple keywords or phrases separate them with semi colons (;).

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